This is an album that harkens back to the old singer-songwriter approach. Quite a few different musical styles, but mostly of the mid tempo ballad variety. I essentially wanted to write and record songs I thouht were interesting and not necessarily commercial. (Although far be it from me to object if any of these tunes actually become popular).

I even throw in a few old tunes I've always liked and thought would be fun to record. Hope you like the album...

And by the way, consider this a warning...

There's a whole lot more where these came from... Be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Disc 1
Disc 2
It's So Simple All Day Long
Life is Hard Sara
The Ball Politician
I Will Remember You Deacon John
Island Getaway Ryan's Song
Radio Cairo Move On
The Wind Desiree
Sands Of Slumber In My Room

Stir It Up

The Deer Song Barrytown
Arrianna Dangerous Love
Baseball Face It Together
Throwback Gloom & Doom




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