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This is a sequel of my "Beach Party" CD, hence the sophmoric name - it's Dave. Again, like the last CD, I wanted the feel of a Beaches, Sunny Days, Warm Winds, and then occasionally confuse everyone by throwing in a tune that is only vaguely connected to the concept (that, too is so Dave) such as "Two, Toe Tom", which fits that category and is about a real legend in Florida, so it kind of fits.  Ok, so it's a stretch, but I liked the tune...and I also wanted to take a musical cruise through a bunch of musical styles that reflect these feelings:  Reggae, Soca, Caribbean, Latin, and Calypso to name just a few.  Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!
1. Conga Line 10. Burning Through My Soul
2. Breathe it In 11. Find the Right Way
3. Beach Radio 12. Such A Fool
4. Let's Go to Mexico 13. Cabana Boy
5. I Shot The Sherriff 14. American Dream
6. Two Toe Tom 15. Stuck In The Middle
7. Come Back Lisa 16. Sea Breeze
8. Stay The Night 17. Call It A Day
9. Carnival  


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