Dave Rudolf * Beach Party


Tropical Breezes, beaches, shorelines, warm nights, cold drink in hand.not a care in the world. Take a musical cruise through Reggae, Soca, Carribean, Latin, and Calypso to name a few from Grammy nominated, Gold Record artist Dave Rudolf
1.  Juanita Go Limbo   9.  Come to my Shore
2. State of Mind 10.  Montego Bay
3.  Hula Hoop Girl 11.  Take Me Home
4.  Jump in the Line (Shake Sonora) 12.  Too Many Mai Tais
5.  Cocktails With Christine 13.  Me and Julio
6 Pompano 14.  Rumble In The Jungle
7.  Coconuts 15.  Fun In The Sun
8.  Seize The Day 16.  Bonus Track
  House of the Rising Sun

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